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Built By Love, Kept By Grace is a story of a young dreamer going through the harsh realities of life. Quatina was no stranger to struggle or pain, but soon realized that it was her faith in God and His love for her that carried her through the rough seasons. She learned at a young age that life was not a fairytale to all who came to live it, and her journey through life has helped to shape the person that she is today. In this book, Quatina shares what brought her to her breaking point as well as who and what helped to heal her. Self-awareness was key in Quatina’s progress in that she began fighting against the victim mentality and she began striving to operate in the power of personal choice coupled with faith! Though challenging, Quatina chose to no longer see or feel as if she was a victim, but she made choice after choice to begin walking in the freedom, grace, and love that God gives to His children.

Built by Love, Kept by Grace: Beauty Out of Ashes (paperback)

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