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Quatina "Tina" Frazer is a New England photographer. She enjoys taking portrait and landscape photos. Capturing natural, candid photos is what she enjoys most. 


Tina has been called a Prophetic Visualist; she desires to see deeper than the lens and the eye and she captures what's beyond and not otherwise evident.

Tina graduated from Wesleyan University in 2020 with a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree in Arts. She is also a member of the global community Black Women Photographers. Her first book and memoir, Built by Love, Kept by Grace: Beauty Out of Ashes (Frazer), was released in 2021 and she is a contributing author of the anthology, Social Revolution: Black Children of Incarcerated Parents Speak Truth to Power (Muhammad, B., Gatewood, B., Turner, S., Eds., 2023).

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